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  • Diana Brandt

Staycation at Arizona Biltmore

Tucked back from the busy Biltmore area and along a few windy roads, you’ll find the Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. The first thing that catches my eye is the architecture and throughout the entire resort Frank Lloyd Wright’s style is apparent. The resort has changed a lot since it’s inception in 1928 but it continues to be a gorgeous Arizona staple.

I walk into the lobby and to my right people are enjoying afternoon tea and snacks, there are two lively birds singing and the water elements are trickling alongside. I walk to the most updated wing of the resort where my room is located on the first floor. I’m immediately in love the minute I walk through the door. I’m a huge fan of Wright’s style and the room does not disappoint and waiting for me is some treats and a latte. I’m ready to head out to the pool and my room opens up to direct access into the area. We have a cabana waiting for us and these are the best cabanas I’ve ever experienced.

The pool area is perfect for any group that wants to stay but they definitely cater to families and have a super fun water slide and a pool that is geared more towards the little kids. A swim up bar and a larger pool next to it. Most of my time is spent here but I do take a few minutes the following morning to walk around the resort grounds.

Lush green gardens and vast green spaces create nooks and crannies for guests to relax and have some private sanctuary. Inside the lobby area there are two restaurants. Frank & Alberts, which has a more casual feel to it and Wrights, which is the more upscale dining option. One morning we were able to experience the brunch buffet at Wrights and it is now my go to recommendation for a brunch buffet. Out of all the ones that I’ve experienced, I truly enjoyed this one the most. They had everything I could have ever wanted, including fresh seafood, pastries and a local love table and an immaculate dessert table but they also had the option of ordering unlimited hot plates.

Overall, if you’re looking for a place to unwind, especially with the family, this is the perfect option. Leaving is optional because they have everything you could need, stores to buy goodies, a coffee shop in the morning for a more casual choice and plenty of space to walk around. I’d definitely book a cabana and just lounge!

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