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  • Ali Wyant

Get Stacked at Grubstak

Grubstak is one of the newer additions to the Downtown Gilbert food scene, located on the west side of the street by the parking garage. Grubstak takes a truly unique approach to their food with a range of tastes and flavors but one common element, the stack. The name comes from the owners last name, Grubb. Which if you grew up in the valley, you may recognize from the Lou Grubb auto dealerships.

So what is a stak you might ask? There are two ways to order, create your own stak or go with one of their stak selections. Each Stak starts with a base, either waffle fries (regular, sweet potato or mixed), vegetables or greens. Next comes the meat or pasta, then the sauce, and topped with cheese to create a stak. If it’s your first time visiting, we recommend trying one of their signature staks.

This was our second visit to Grubstak, we liked the food the first time, but we loved it the second time. They have recently added more options and really improved both the menu and presentation of their food. We tried two of their new menu items; the Nacho Stak and the Pizza Stak. We’ll admit the pizza sounded a little strange, with pepperoni, marinara, and cheese stacked on top of waffle fries, but man was it good, and we were so glad we tried it. The Nacho Stak was also amazing, with a hearty portion size and amount of barbacoa beef, it tops as one of our favorite nacho dishes.

Don’t forget to save room for dessert. We strongly recommend the Give Me S’More, just listen to the description; Cinnamon graham cracker bread pudding, Marshmallow fudge sauce and Bruleed marshmallow, sharing is optional. Ordering two might keep peace in the family.

Next time you are wondering what to do for dinner, think outside the plate and visit Grubstak.

384 N Gilbert Rd #106, Gilbert, AZ 85234

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