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  • Diana Brandt

Even Stevens Sandwiches

People ask me regularly what I think of Even Stevens. I love their concept, I think it's amazing how each space represents the area that they are joining. I think the service is always exceptional and everyone is happy to be there and help give you a stellar experience. I think that their cause is one we should support. Again, based on their location, they pick a charity to partner up with and that helps people in need but more importantly, people in need that are located in our towns.

Now let's get to the food because I know that's what you're waiting for. If I recommend one meal for you to try first, it would be their breakfast. I can't get enough of their breakfast sandwiches, the breakfast burrito and if you're feeling like you need something sweet in your life, get the stuffed french toast!

Need your lunch fix, then I suggest you try one of my favorites. The Ruben, everything about this sandwich is on point and same with the Mihami Vice. I've tried quite a few of their sandwiches and I'd also recommend the banh mi with the pork belly or the jackfruit torta, which you'll be surprised is not made of meat because the jackfruit is a fruit.

Next time you're in the need for a quick lunch or breakfast before or during work or maybe with the family, hit up Even Stevens. They have cozy corners to hang out in, games to play and just a great atmosphere to go with the food. Did I mention they have craft beers, salads that you could wrap up in a tortilla and pretzel bites with beer cheese?!

Yeah, sounds like you have your spot for where to go grub next to beat this heat!

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